Liturgical Groups

Eucharistic Ministers

Members assist the Celebrant with distribution of Holy Communion at all Parish Masses with the Mass.

Liturgy Planning

Collaborates with all groups to provide liturgies throughout the Church year. The group also plans school and catechist sacramental celebrations and liturgies for Mass and anointing of the elderly at six local nursing homes each month.

Liturgy Environment

Provides a spiritually welcoming environment in the Church according to liturgical season ie: flowers, cloths etc


Provides a musical element to the Sunday liturgy with special emphasis on Easter, Christmas, Lent and Parish celebrations.


Ensures that proclamation of the Word of God at each Mass is supported by experienced Parishioners.

Mass PowerPoints

Mass PowerPoints are created and operated to enable Parishioners to be engaged and able to join in with Mass celebrations. Our Mass display screens adorn our various Mass PowerPoints to cater for all occasions required.

Welcoming/COVID Marshalls

The welcoming faces of our Parish hand out our Mass newsletters to those coming into the Church, encouraging a sense of belonging and community. COVID marshalls assist with regulatory requirements to keep us all safe.

Thanksgiving Program/Counters

Generates income from the Sunday Mass collections to keep the Parish and Presbytery financially viable. Count, record and bank collection monies.

Parish Community

Parish Pastoral Council

The Council is a representative body of Parishioners who advise the Parish Priest and work to build the Parish as a living Christian community.

Child Safety/Professional Standards

Looking out for the youth and vulnerable in our community. Small team dedicated to keep our Parish Child safety standards up to date and ensure our children are protected at St Kevin’s Parish.

Social Justice

To build understanding of social justice in the members of the group and in parishioners generally with a view that this leads to action in relation to social justice issues.

Youth Group

To build networks and friendship amongst the youth of our parish and beyond. There are two youth groups: students in year 5 to 8; and students in year 9 to 12. Once a month, Saturday evening.


Working with our next generation and how we can all work together to benefit our future and environment in our everyday lives.

Parish Finance

Advise the Parish Priest in relation to Parish finances and assets.

Needlecraft Group

Through sewing/knitting/crocheting we build relationships within the community and outreach to those who are in need.

Maintenance Committee

Keeping the gardens and grounds of St Kevin’s Parish maintained and tidy. This is an advisory group as well as a practical group.

Spiritual Formation


Provides an opportunity for the children of families attending schools other than St Kevin’s or St Charles Borromeo Catholic Parish schools to come together and celebrate their faith.
RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. We welcome and introduce others to the Catholic faith and assist them in becoming part of our Catholic community.

Adult Education/Guest Speakers Program

Aims to provide a deeper understanding of faith through engaging adult education sessions. Various talks and information nights are held in our Gathering Space throughout the year.

Mindfulness Meditation

A chance to clear your thoughts and be at one, quiet and still – allowing God into your heart.


This group gathers for the rosary and to adore the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, allowing Him time to minister to us in the quietness of our hearts.

Pastoral Care Groups

Ministry to the Sick and Aged

Special ministers take the Eucharist and provide spiritual assistance to those who have become ill or disabled and are unable to attend Parish activities.


Provides comfort and support to bereaved families in the Parish.

Family Groups

Provides support, friendship and involvement in a Christian community for families in the Parish.


Creates a link between the Parish and families of school children baptised in the Parish, with the aim of helping parents teach their children about the love of God.


Provides emergency help to parishioners eg meals and transport to medical appointments.


Regularly visits elderly or housebound Parishioners. We welcome referral by other Parishioners.


Yarra Deanery

Assists the Parishes of Templestowe, Doncaster, Doncaster East, Donvale, Bulleen, Heidelberg, Heidelberg West and Ivanhoe to identify and implement ways in which Parishes can work together.