Parish Schools

Parish Expectations for Principals in working to build our Parish Communities.

There are many facets that make up our parish communities in St Gregory the Great and St Kevin’s Parishes with our three schools (St Charles Borromeo, St Gregory’s, St Kevin’s). When it comes to running our schools and integrating with the broader parish, our school principals give so generously of their time to our schools and parish to ensure our school communities and parish are always supported. It is easy to take advantage of their generosity and grace and become unreasonable in our requests, in my requests.

Consequently, I have discussed with Michelle, Miranda and Gabee some guidelines around what constitutes a reasonable expectation for their participation, beyond the operation of their school.

Between myself and various parish bodies we have been seeking attendance by the principals at meetings and functions including: the Sacramental program (School and Catechist), Safeguarding Committees, Parish Pastoral Council, Parish Finance, Sunday liturgy, joint parish meetings, parish forums, plenary council gatherings. In addition, some parishioners have shown some upset when the principals don’t attend every single Mass at which the school children are active participants. Once I looked at this with them, it is evident that our principals cannot reasonably be present for all these things and still be effective within each school as principal and then also have balance with the other aspects of their lives. In light of this, we have agreed that, while not exhaustive, the following areas are a priority:

  1. Meet with me on a fortnightly basis
  2. Ensure that the sacramental program is effectively supported (without expecting principals to be present at all sacraments)
  3. Be an active part of the Parish Pastoral Councils
  4. Contribute to Safeguarding. this can involve attending meetings, but no more than once a term.
  5. Provide each other with advice when needed
  6. Help me ensure the faith formation of staff and students

Our principals will of course continue to work with the broader parish and with me to ensure that the schools and their parishes work together in all sorts of ways that form part of the daily life of the schools (e.g., helping with arrangements for a multicultural day). Each of us is committed to the principles set out by Archbishop Peter seeking to ensure that we all work together to further the Mission of Jesus Christ to bring people to Jesus, seeking always to build and strengthen and grow the whole parish community but without expecting the schools to take on our role.

God bless,

Fr Charles Balnaves

Parish Priest St Gregory the Great Doncaster and St Kevin’s Templestowe

St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School

St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School is a school that prides itself on establishing lifelong learners. We work together in partnership to develop a welcoming community that values the unique skills and gifts of each individual.
Our Classes are intentionally composed of children of different ages in ‘multi age – settings’. Such groupings reflect our beliefs about how children learn. We focus on the needs of individual children rather than those of the “grade.” The children have the opportunity to work with others on the basis of skills, interests, personality and age. Much like a family, the children support – and are supported by – other members of the group. They work cooperatively with students of different ages, allowing them to recognise the range of abilities and talents within their class group and resulting in a wider variety of relationships and social experiences.

Large enough to provide, small enough to care

Address: 230-234 Serpells Road Templestowe | Phone: 9843 7634

St Kevin’s Catholic Primary School

St Kevin’s is a Catholic Primary School, nestled in a beautiful valley in Lower Templestowe, with large, tree lined grounds and flexible learning spaces. We are a thriving contemporary learning community set in a peaceful natural environment. We are part of the parish of St Kevin’s and enjoy the opportunity to work and celebrate within a parish community.
Our School size enables a caring, friendly community where each child is known and valued by all of the dedicated members of St Kevin’s staff. We recognise that parents make an invaluable contribution to the education of their children and we therefore welcome their active participation in the life of the school and the educational programs offered.
Our daily focus is to create an excellent teaching and learning environment for all. We are committed to developing children with a healthy mind, body and spirit who feel a deep sense of connectedness and belonging to the St Kevin’s community. We nurture and develop our students to become successful life-long learners in a welcoming Catholic faith setting. To this end we provide a contemporary, engaging, challenging, safe and happy environment for the children in our care to achieve their full potential.

Growth, Hospitality and Service in Christ

Address: 26-44 Herlihy’s Road Lower Templestowe | Phone: 9273 9999