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Plenary Council 2021/22

Welcome to St Kevin’s Parish and our Website

We hope you enjoy our website and discover it to be a great means of communication, connection, education and welcome.

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The St Kevin’s site is live and can be found via this link St Kevin’s secure CDFpay link
During this time, when visits to our Church are suspended, we are striving to ensure that our parishioners remain connected through new and creative pastoral programmes. While we continue to help those in our community the parish continues to incur ongoing overhead costs and we need your help.
The good news is that Catholic Development Fund (CDF) and the Archdiocese of Melbourne have partnered to build an online parish payment portal, CDFpay for Parishes.
This site enables you to make quick and easy online thanksgiving payments – you can set-up a recurring payment, if you haven’t done so already, or you can choose a one-off offering.
We thank you in advance for supporting our parish community.


You may still contribute using your thanksgiving envelopes.

These are available from the table in our Gathering Space or you may wish to call ahead (9850 5983) to arrange a contact free drop off at the  Parish Office.
Or another option-
If you’d like to pay directly into our bank account, please call the office  for our banking details.
To Our Dear Parishioners
We are continuing our weekday Masses every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 9.15am until we receive further instructions from the Victorian Government that we can have more than 20 parishioners attend Mass.
Please be prepared to register your name and contact details upon entry.
Please rest assured that we have been liaising with our Archdiocesan staff and our own Parish Pastoral Council to ensure that all correct  measures have been put into place to safeguard all our visitors in the best possible way.
Of course, you are not obliged to attend. Please refer to the below:
  • all Catholics in Victoria are still dispensed from their usual             Sunday obligation until further notice (canon 1248).

Visit our ‘What’s Happening’ page for an explanation and letter from the Bishops.

During this semi-restrictive time, you may still prefer to take a good look through our website and have a read of some amazing articles we have for your viewing pleasure.

We are all asked to adhere to the safety regulations of the newly coined term ‘Social Distancing’. However, we are still wanting to be connected with you, so we’ve created some new pages on our website which we hope you all enjoy:
  • Weekly Nourishment for the week’s Gospel and Homily;
  • Weekly Newsletter for other ‘stuff’ to communicate.
Any additions or suggestions for our online weekly newsletter is very welcomed.
We also ask for you to send us your contact details so we can keep you updated. Please use the Register here button to provide your details.
We especially encourage everyone to go back to basics, pick up the phone and say g’day to someone. Our St Kevin’s Parish has been family for nearly 50 years and in these challenging times, family is so important and key to our belonging.
Connect with others and stay safe.

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St Kevin’s Templestowe Memorial Wall

If you’d like to have your loved one on our memorial wall, please click this link to download and print the plaque order form or alternatively, there are forms in the Church Gathering Space to fill in.

Once filled in, please hand into the Parish Office(with payment) on these given days Tuesday – Friday 9-4pm.

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