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26th February Ash Wednesday

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Welcome to St Kevin’s Parish and our Website

We hope you enjoy our website and discover it to be a great means of communication, connection, education and welcome.

2020 reminds us to be vigilant.
We have begun the year in a sombre mood as many of our fellow Australians have had their livelihoods disrupted by the greatest expanse of any bushfires in the world.
The world was aghast at the damage done by the massive Amazon fires. Our fires have the shocking statistic of being three times the area of the Amazon, and the smoke haze has stretched across the Pacific past Hawaii to the Amazon area itself!
At St Kevin’s, we try to be relevant to the needs of our people and our world.
I am proud to say that the latest group to be started in our community is an environment group. Look for their educative and challenging articles in this website.
You may wish to participate in this fledgling group. Please contact the Parish House for details.
This year, we welcome Ms Miranda Zuzic a new Principal to our Parish School, St Charles Borromeo. New blood, brings with it freshness and innovation.
Miranda went through an exhaustive process before we appointed her. St Kevin’s Parish looks forward to learning much from our faithfilled Miranda.
As you can see from this website, St Kevin’s was very active during 2019, taking seriously the Church’s call to reform and renew itself through an historic event called a “Plenary Council”. October is the month for the first round of meeting of those charged with change.
There is much to happen before October, so keep your eyes and ears open folks!
Of course, the first step on the ladder of reform is the Parish – we cannot expect renewal unless we are prepared to take our baptismal responsibilities seriously.
Here at St Kevin’s you will find a warm reception at the Parish House. Our team consists of two delightful and welcoming women at the front door (Liza – Tuesdays, Nadia – Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays), and warm and bright Pastoral Worker – Rebecca, whose enthusiasm is infectious.
So you can see why I think I am very blessed indeed.
Our Pastoral Council and many ministries (see details on ‘St Kevin’s/Community’ Page) are dedicated and innovative.
Weekend Masses are prayerful celebrations of God’s goodness in bringing us together as a community to serve. Our Liturgy Committee works hard to oversee relevant and inspiring liturgies.
So welcome! It is the Parish Team’s hopes that you make this website one of your “favourites” and refer to it often.
Peace and pleasant surprises throughout 2020. 

Fr Gerry McKernan

Parish Priest

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