First Holy Communion

June to August  2020

First Holy Communion Commitment Masses

Saturday 13th June– 5.30pm
Sunday 14th June– 10am

First Holy Communion

Retreat  and Workshop

Tuesday 21st July
Children – 9.30am-2.30pm (during school hours)
Adults & Children – 7pm-8.30pm

First Holy Communion


Weekend 1
Saturday 25th July 5.30pm
Sunday 26th July 10am
Weekend 2
Saturday 1st August 5.30pm
Sunday 2nd August 10am
Weekend 3
Saturday 8th August 5.30pm
Sunday 9th August 10am
Please note: Registration for all enrolled students at our Parish Schools is now closed.
If you’d like your child to receive a sacrament and they are not attending a catholic school, please contact our office on 9850 5983.