Pastoral Worker


The purpose of our Pastoral Worker is to contribute to the Pastoral needs of the St Kevin’s Parish, Templestowe; to assist the Parish Priest and Lay Ecclesial Leader in leading and delivering the mission, outreach and pastoral care of the parish community in accordance with the principles, practices and teachings of the Catholic Church.

The role is permanent part time four days a week, typically Tuesday to Friday. However, frequently a one day equivalent will consist of evenings or weekends (Sundays) for meetings, the Sacramental Program, RCIA or other Mass and liturgy needs.

There is scope to tailor this role to the incumbent’s experience: either for someone who has some of the skills required and would like to learn on the job and do some further study; or for someone with experience who would like to undertake the role on a more senior and extensive level.


  • Assist with liturgical functions, to lead prayer services and provide other devotional opportunities;
  • Assist with liturgy preparations and coordination of various groups participating in weekly masses;
  • Assist with leading and coordination of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults;
  • Coordinate the Sacramental Preparation and delivering of Sacramental Program to school age children;
  • Act as a Special Minister at Eucharist and in taking communion to the sick;
  • Provide for the training and formation of liturgical ministries such as lectors, Special Ministers of the Eucharist;
  • Coordinate and/or conduct pastoral visitation to homes within the Parish;
  • Coordinate and/or conduct visitation to hospitals and Nursing Homes within the Parish;
  • Facilitate the ongoing visitation of the bereaved as needed;
  • Work with youth leaders in developing programs to serve the spiritual, social and development needs of the youth of the Parish;
  • Contribute to the ongoing Parish communication needs: including bulletin, website, social media.
  • General Administration support as required;
  • Assist with ministry initiatives of the Parish.
  • Coordinate and implement Safeguarding procedures of the Parish.


  • Skills in Liturgy Preparation and the resourcing of Parishioners to participate in Liturgy;
  • Skills in pastoral Counselling, visitation and support;
  • The ability to work cooperatively with the group;
  • A capacity to facilitate ministry initiatives using the skills of Parishioners;
  • A capacity to work effectively with volunteers across various Parish ministries;
  • Experience in Funeral ministry;
  • Experience in Parish Ministry;
  • Effective interpersonal, group facilitation, and network skills;


  • Respect for the mission, identity and core values of the Catholic faith as lived in and by the St Kevin’s Parish community.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Welcoming, hospitality and service to all who engage with the parish.
  • Understanding of the church’s teachings and ability to incorporate in their daily activities.
  • A “Can do” attitude.
  • Professional personal delivery and appearance.
  • Ability to see when something needs to be done and proactively address the area of concern.
  • An enjoyment of continuous improvement – always looking for better ways of doing things.
  • A strong sense of pride around efficiency and quality (relevance, accuracy) of delivery.
  • The ability to build positive and collaborative relationships with others.
  • Openly seeks feedback on own performance with a willingness for personal development.
  • A strong focus on ensuring a Healthy, Safe environment both physically and psychologically.
  • A high level of integrity, honesty and confidentiality (confidentiality is critically important).
  • Maintains effective working relationships with the Parish Priest, Lay Ecclesial Leader and all staff.


  • Working with Children Check
  • Police Check
  • Parish Code of Conduct
  • References from two referees
  • Formal Pastoral Worker accreditation desirable but not mandatory


Integrity in the Service of the Church aims to help employees reflect on and uphold Christian vision and values in all relationships and actions. The principles and standards which make up the Integrity in the Service of the Church are extensions of five basic principles for Church employees in which they:

  1. Are committed to safeguarding of children and vulnerable people.
  2. Are committed to justice and equity.
  3. Uphold the dignity of all people and their right to respect.
  4. Are committed to safe and supportive relationships.
  5. Reach out to those who are poor, alienated and marginalised.
  6. Strive for excellence in all their work.


Additional Information
Applications to Tiziana D’Costa, Lay Ecclesial Leader, by 22nd November 2022. Please submit a cover letter along with a current resume. For further information, contact Tiziana D’Costa on (03) 9850 5983.
We look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best.

Email Applications HERE