Parish Survey – Where Are You?

Where Are You? We Miss You!

To assist us in understanding where our parishioners are, and why they have not yet returned to mass, ST Kevin’s is circulating a Parish survey to find out. Perhaps a little direct, but to the point, our survey will help us discover ways to encourage parishioners back, to reassure them and encourage them, so that their confidence in attending Mass returns and they may enjoy in the unity of St Kevin’s community once again.
For those of you attending mass, you’ll find paper versions of the survey in the Gathering Space. We please request you take a few of these and pass onto those folk you know of who are not present, but used to attend mass before COVID. (We also request you pick these up on our behalf and then bring the filled-out survey back.)
Thank you all for your help and honesty, together we can increase our welcoming Christ filled community, with many hands to do God’s work.
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