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JustAct is the social justice unit at the Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania. They equip church members and non-church members to take action on issues that matter most to them.

JustAct campaign on issues that matter most to their supporters. 

Sometimes this means adding your name to petitions, letter writing or making phone calls, but it can also result in direct lobbying. They also offer other types of resources for those interested in making social justice change.

This Month’s Petitions and some Resources
Letter Writing Actions
Church members in the Philippines involved in the social justice mission of the Christian faith continue to face severe harassment and threat under the Duterte Administration. They are often falsely accused of being part of the armed communist opposition forces. This includes police planting guns and grenades at their homes to justify arrests.
Too many lawyers, accountants, and real estate agents in Australia are willing to look the other way when they are involved with shifting funds stolen from developing countries into Australia. Currently, these professionals and businesses have no obligation to report suspicious transactions to the police, unlike banks. Some of these professionals actively assist in setting up arrangements that can facilitate criminal activity and conceal the real controllers of assets.
Modern slavery remains a significant global problem. One example is the Australian Strategic Policy Institute report which revealed that at least 27 factories in nine Chinese provinces had used labour since 2017. Those factories claim to be part of the supply chain of more than 80 global brands. Help us advocate for measures to addressing the importation of all goods and services produced by modern slavery wherever they originate from, not just China.
Resource Highlights
>WCC prayers for peace in Israeli – Palestinian conflict<
The World Council of Churches is following developments in Israel and Palestine with mounting alarm and profound grief at the rising toll of people killed and injured in the escalating violence. A liturgy with Prayers for Peace and Justice in the Israel-Palestine conflict has been developed.

>Public Good Project for Congregations<
 What does public good mean 
to you? Become involved in a new project setting a new national agenda on the public good, while connecting across organisations who work collaboratively where people and planet come first.


>Statement from the Heart Study Guide<   
A new resource from the Uniting Church in Vic
/Tas exploring the Statement from the Heart. As a group or on your own, learn about Voice.Treaty.Truth and what a pathway towards justice chosen by First Nations people could look be.


LOYO Elementary- Our new Sister Community in the Philippines

Our St Kevin’s community are proud to learn more of our new sister Community so that we can understand their needs and better assist them. To do this we’ve sponsered one of our dedicated teachers- Fulvia Gerolisimo – who has embarked on a missionary trip to the Philippines to experience first hand our newly sponsored community of ‘LOYO’. 
April 2021 update
There has been much discussion with the Barangay officials and the Loyo council about the prospect of building a classroom at Loyo Elementary.  After many l-o-n-g discussions KADASIG Aid has highly recommended and suggested we do not build a classroom, for political reasons and for the safety of all the families and children in Loyo.  I know how disappointing this must be for you all to read because so many of you have donated money to fund the classroom.

However, I wish to advise that the money is still being used to provide for other things they are also desperately in need of.  When Anna-Maria and I visited we noticed how there was no shelter for the children to play or sit under when they were outside.  The children played out in the heat seeking shelter from a tree or from the eaves of the current classrooms.  KADASIG Aid and the Barangay officials suggested we build a shelter for the children.  I received some photos from Marwen, (staff of KADASIG Aid in Cebu) of Loyo Elementary to show the progress of the shelter.  They have only just commenced work.  These photos were taken on day three. Marwen has promised further photos of the project which I will then share with you. 

After this project is complete we will still have approximately $4500.00 in the Loyo account.  I will continue to discuss with the principal and Barangay captain other needs of Loyo Elementary and support where it is best needed for all the children to benefit. I will keep you informed along the way so please rest assured your generous donations are being used to provide what is best for these children.  

Many thanks for your continued support, generosity, patience, understanding  and words of encouragement.

Fulvia Gerosolimo

(Social Justice Coordinator) 

St Kevin’s Catholic Primary School