About St Kevin’s


Vision Statement

“St Kevin’s Templestowe Parish is a Catholic community called by God and trusting in Jesus. We aspire to care for and connect with the wider world and to be hospitable and generous so that all may live life to the full.”

Mission Statement

Through the Holy Spirit we make tangible the good news of Jesus Christ in the whole community, by practising our faith, fostering our growth in Christ and offering service to all. We aim to achieve our mission by:
  • being a welcoming community;
  • promoting prayerful and vibrant liturgies;
  • working with other churches and community groups;
  • providing opportunities for people to develop their faith;
  • respecting every person and
  • identifying and providing for those in need.

† St Kevin’s Templestowe Parish – A Brief History

Catholics have lived in Templestowe since the early days of white settlement. They came from Ireland and were wood cutters, dairy farmers, hotel keepers and fruit growers. The families drove in buggies to Mass at Heidelberg and children travelled there by horse drawn coach to St.Monica’s [later St. John’s] Primary School. During the 1920s the orchards flourished and the families began to acquire trucks and cars. With the outbreak of World War 11, petrol was strictly rationed so Mass was celebrated each Sunday in the Templestowe Memorial Hall.
Orchards were being sub-divided during the 1950s and the descendants of the early pioneers welcomed new parishioners to the little church. In 1960 Templestowe became part of the new East Doncaster Parish which also included Bulleen, Doncaster and Donvale. Father Spillane, the Parish Priest lived at Blackburn & the only church buildings in the entire parish of 36 square miles were a church school at East Doncaster and little St. Kevin’s. Father Spillane introduced the first changes to the liturgy, he commenced a Catechetic Program and he set up a Sacrificial Giving Campaign. With the assistance of some local parishioners he purchased 17 acres in Herlihy’s Rd. This would become the site for future parish buildings.
Templestowe became a Parish in 1971 and Father Charles McCann was appointed Parish Priest. The seventies were a time of tremendous growth with the building of the presbytery and the expansion of school buildings to cater for enrolments which reached a peak of 530 in 1975.
THE 1980’s – In the eastern section of the parish a unique venture was commenced. The Roman Catholic Church had bought 7.8 acres on Serpell’s Road in 1964. Father McCann was approached by the State Education office to build a shared school on land owned by the Church, the State and the City of Doncaster & Templestowe. St. Charles Borromeo Primary School was opened in 1983, with Sister Pauline Nicholson as the first Principal. It was part of Australia’s first joint Catholic and State School. The State and the Catholic schools operated separately while sharing the Core Building. This building housed the Art Room, Library, Staff Room, Offices and Change Rooms. The building and its site were jointly funded by the State Government, the Parish of St. Kevin’s and the local council which uses the change rooms and oval on the week-ends.
THE 1990’s – The Renew Program initiated by the Archdiocese in 1988 led to a new direction in Parish activities. As a result of home discussion groups, Ministry Groups were formed, under the leadership of Tony Byrne to respond to the needs of the parish. These focus on the areas of Liturgy, Communication, Adult Education, Welcoming and Community Life and Care and Support. With the decrease in priest numbers these groups should provide a firm base for greater lay participation in the future. To increase the loving spirit in the Parish Community, Family Groups were formed under the direction of the Passionists in 1993. Members in these groups develop new and deeper friendships through the enjoyment of simple social activities.
The 2000’s – In April 2002 Father Christopher Toms was appointed Parish Priest of St Kevin’s. Father Chris formed the Parish Advisory Board, held a Parish Forum and a Parish Conference, re-introduced the Sunday Parish Mass at the Holy Cross Monastery, introduced the Parish Annual General Meeting and re-formed the Finance Committee. Under his guidance plans were commenced to sell land at St Kevin’s and renovate the school and the church.
The 2010’s – Father Gerard McKernan was appointed Parish Priest in October 2009 Father Gerry has overseen the completion of the land subdivision commenced by Father Chris. In September 2014 he convened a working group to discuss and plan a refurbishment of St Kevin’s Church to include a welcoming Gathering Space. Church Renovations including a newly added Gathering Space and Community Kitchen all completed and opened in September 2016.
The 2020’s – Father Gerard McKernan retired in May 2021, and shortly afterwards Monsignor Anthony Ireland left St Gregory the Great Parish in Doncaster. Fr Charles Balnaves was then appointed as Parish Priest for the two parishes.
               St Kevins Renovated 2016

Parish  Schools


St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School

St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School is a school that prides itself on establishing lifelong learners. We work together in partnership to develop a welcoming community that values the unique skills and gifts of each individual.
Our Classes are intentionally composed of children of different ages in ‘multi age – settings’. Such groupings reflect our beliefs about how children learn. We focus on the needs of individual children rather than those of the “grade.” The children have the opportunity to work with others on the basis of skills, interests, personality and age. Much like a family, the children support – and are supported by – other members of the group. They work cooperatively with students of different ages, allowing them to recognise the range of abilities and talents within their class group and resulting in a wider variety of relationships and social experiences.

Large enough to provide, small enough to care

230-234 Serpells Road
Phone: 9843 7634

St Kevin’s Catholic Primary School

St Kevin’s is a Catholic Primary School, nestled in a beautiful valley in Lower Templestowe, with large, tree lined grounds and flexible learning spaces. We are a thriving contemporary learning community set in a peaceful natural environment. We are part of the parish of St Kevin’s and enjoy the opportunity to work and celebrate within a parish community.
Our School size enables a caring, friendly community where each child is known and valued by all of the dedicated members of St Kevin’s staff. We recognise that parents make an invaluable contribution to the education of their children and we therefore welcome their active participation in the life of the school and the educational programs offered.
Our daily focus is to create an excellent teaching and learning environment for all. We are committed to developing children with a healthy mind, body and spirit who feel a deep sense of connectedness and belonging to the St Kevin’s community. We nurture and develop our students to become successful life-long learners in a welcoming Catholic faith setting. To this end we provide a contemporary, engaging, challenging, safe and happy environment for the children in our care to achieve their full potential.

Growth, Hospitality and Service in Christ

26-44 Herlihy’s Road
Lower Templestowe
Phone: 9273 9999